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Night Rider


"Look, a UFO!"
- random bystander

My longest-used bike and also a mascot of this website. Its main advantage is versatility. The rack with a huge basket works for both shopping and heavy touring; if it is not enough, a trailer can be connected. The lights take care of visibility in traffic and road illumination off town. Full-size mudguards allow riding in the wet. The bike is quite light for my taste (less than 16 kg) and the gears are not bad (2×5, range 3.1..7.8 m), so it can climb quite well. Weak spots are potholes and cobblestones where I must slow down to avoid damaging the rims. Another weak spot are the rim brakes that can be inadequate sometimes, especially with a heavy trailer.

As years passed, almost everything was replaced on the bike (something more than once), except of the frame, rack, mudguards, rear brake and light fixtures. Most of the components are Shimano, the rest is a mix of various junk that was at hand when needed. Front derailleur Romet is a rarity, it uses a push rod instead of the usual parallelogram. The tyres are Schwalbe Delta cruiser - definitely recommendable.