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2012 and 2013

Spring critical mass ride (Prague, April 2012)


Traditional social ride through Prague streets. The weather was perfect: rain started together with the ride and ended when we reached the destination. I soon hid the camera in a dry place, so look for more pictures over there.

Fantasy festival (Prague → Chotěboř and back, July 2012)


I've been to FF several times, but so far just by train. What if I try it with pedal power? Why not, it might be interesting. So: to Prague on Saturday evening (90 km with a broken spoke replacement on the way), from Prague to Chotěboř on Sunday (130 km without trouble, except the fierce sun and getting lost in Ore mountains), fun at the festival on Monday, back to Prague on Tuesday (rain and storms all day, luckily it was warm), half day pause and back home in the Wednesday evening (rear rim get knocked by a pothole on the last part, but made it home). Whew. How the heck is it possible for racers to ride 300 km there and back every day... just training? :-)

Lednice-Valtice region (Prague → Hlohovec, July 2013)


A week of holiday among the wine cyclepaths of Lednice and Valtice region? Cool, but why should I get there by car like everyone else? Prague - Hlohovec bike express departed at 16:00 on Friday and arrived on Sunday afternoon after 300 km of leisure pedaling. Logistics were greatly simplified by a homemade ultralight tent: no looking for hotels and chasing opening hours, just turn to a nearby forest, have a bath in a brook and good night (BTW, wild camping is mostly legal here in the Czech republic). Food and water supplies were replenished in shops along the way and the other stuff was carried by a car with the rest of the company, so it was quite a light tour (for my taste). Nice trip, next time I'll do it again.