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Recumbent meeting (Nivnice, September)


The international 'bent rally is organized by different people at a different place every year. Once in five years it's Azub's turn at Nivnická Riviéra campground. Now Azub celebrated their twentieth anniversary and made the event really great. I hope the heap of pictures makes for the spring coronavirus pause :-).

I drove my rickshaw to the meeting: departed from Louny on Saturday evening, skimmed southern borders of Prague, went through Tábor in southern Bohemia, crossed the Bohemian/Moravian highlands and southern Moravian lowlands, spending nights in nearby forests. I arrived on Thursday afternoon and successfully missed the most difficult one of the planned group rides, but caught an excellent documentary/biographic talk by Broňa Nágl, a 74-years-old bike traveler and Azub's test rider and mascot. Friday ride was short, just to Uherský Brod where we had fun doing snail and drag races and visiting Azub's new factory. Cherry on the cake was a banquet with cemballo music in the evening. Saturday ride took us to Velehrad and then after nightfall we set off for UB with lights, music and awesome atmosphere. There was one more short ride on Sunday, but I missed that one because I headed back home in the morning: Uherské Hradiště, Olomouc (where I met some fellows who were going back from the meeting by car), Moravská Třebová, Pardubice, Poděbrady and Prague. I arrived on Wednesday afternoon, so the whole meeting only cost me eight days of leave (and four kilograms of fat reserves, several ticks and countless mosquito bites). Pleasant experience, but next time I'll probably take a two-wheeler, which is faster and fits on shoulderless roads better.

Around the world, part 2


My collection of foreign-named villages continues. First one was visited right before the spring lockdown, second one in summer during a teambuilding trip and the rest in September on the way to recumbent meeting and back. Sorted by date.